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Reina del Carnaval 2018

Fuentealta crowns their candidate as Queen of Carnival

Fuentealta, company owned by Compañía de las Islas Occidentales (CIO), makes the water reign during Carnival. Its candidate, Carmen Laura Lourido, with the fantasy “Reborn” from the designer Jorge Gonzalez Santana has been proclaimed Queen of Carnival of Santa Cruz 2018. Fuentealta manages, for a second consecutive year, to achieve this maximum recognition.

According to the designer from Tegueste, Jorge González Santana, 27 years old, this is his most personal design and his best creation to date. The dress was inspired by the myth of the Phoenix, and tells the story of a woman who lights fire to her past to then rise from its ashes.

A team of three designers and seamstresses and another three support people for specific moments, such as the assembly, have worked on the fantasy since last June.

A fantasy made up 350 kilograms of feathers, rhinestones and ribbons

Weighing 350 kilos and with over 10.000 peacock, ostrich, pheasant and rooster feathers, the fantasy includes sequins, rhinestones, fabric and ribbons in shades of gold and red, which perfectly combine with the white and silvers tones of the dress and the candidate’s headdress.

“The experience of having been a part of the Carnival for six years has played a part in the design of the dress. It is better studied than in previous years, but structurally and creatively. On the other hand, it is also special because it’s a fantasy which I have been I have wantoing to make for many years. I was close to using this idea last year, but something told me that it was not the moment and I was not mistaken. During this time the idea has evolved and it’s become what we see today as “Reborn”” states the designer.

According to Jorge González Santana, “it has been many months of hard work, since last June, where, with the help of my family and friends and with the support of Fuentealta, we have achieved the highest position once again”.

In regards to choosing Carmen Laura Lourido to represent the fantasy, he acknowledges that he was captivated by the confidence with which she faced the stage in 2017, especially since for this occasion it was necessary to have experience and maturity, as it was a very challenging dress.

With the music, “I wanted something with an epic character, strong and emotional, which would allow the staging to connect with the public so they would also participate somehow in the fantasy”, he explained.

This is the forth year that the designer presents a candidate to the Queen of Carnival sponsored by Fuentealta, and the third time that they are awarded the coveted sceptre of the Queen of Carnival, following the success in 2015, and last year with Judith López and the fantasy Madame Soleil.

 The director of sales of Fuentealta, José María Cortés, has expressed his satisfaction by once again achieving this award, “This is, without a doubt, the biggest recognition of the effort and the work of Jorge González Santana’s team and of the Fuentealta family, who has, once again, participated in Carnival full of enthusiasm”.

“Fuentealta, as well as all of us who are part of CIO feel a strong commitment towards supporting culture and Canarian traditions, and Carnival is an essential date where we can be close to our people, to our consumers, and contribute to the fun as well as promote a healthy festival”.

Notes on the inspiration of the fantasy

 “I fell. The weight of the envy, green and evil, overwhelmed me. A storm of fire loomed over me until it trapped me in my own despair. The open flame consumed me and reduced me to ashes. And it was then, when that cloud of dust was consuming me and the loneliness led me away from my being, when I found strength never before known, and I understood everything. That fire was not created by those who offered me there most undesirable wishes, but it was me who lit the fire that would consume the waste of my previous being, false and tormented, influenced by those who wished they were like me. It was the moment to re.-emerge pure was again, and I was reborn”.

Reina del Carnaval 2017

10.000 feathers to dress the Queen of Carnival Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2017

Reina del Carnaval 2017

Over 10.000 feathers to dress the Queen of Carnival Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2017

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, February 2017.- Judit López, candidate representing Fuentealta, company owned by Compañía de las Islas Occidentales (CIO), has been proclaimed Queen of Carnival Santa Cruz  Tenerife 2017, wearing the fantasy “Madame Soleil”, a design of the Tenerife artist Jorge González Santana.

Judit covered the 37 metres of the carnival stage wearing a fantasy inspired by the sun, where the central element, an innovative mechanical device, emulates with its movements the sun’s rays. “Our aim is to bring closer the light and the colour of the sun to the gala’s spectator, clearly alluding to one of the most representative icons of the Caribbean, the main theme of Carnival 2017”, states the designer.

Between 300 and 350kgms of weight, composed mainly of peacock, ostrich and pheasant feathers, which provide volume and movement to the fantasy, combined with crystal stones that add light to the dress.

“It has been many months of hard work, since June of last year, where, with the help from my family and friends and the support of Fuentealta, I have achieved my objective of once again having a winning Carnival fantasy” states Jorge González.

This is the third year that the designer presents a candidate for Queen of Carnival together with Fuentealta, and the second time his candidate succeeds in winning the coveted sceptre of the Queen of Carnival, following the success of 2015.

The Sales Director of Fuentealta, José María Cortés has pointed out that “this award recognizes the great effort made by everyone in Fuentealta and all of us who are a part of CIO for supporting Canarian culture and tradition and remaining close to our consumers and clients. This means a lot to us and we are going to share and enjoy it during these Carnivals”.

Fuentealta con Living Desing Lab

Fuentealta will be the official water of “Living Design Lab”


The event will take place the 13 – 14 of May in the TEA

Fuentealta will be the official water of “Living Design Lab” the beginning of the Tenerife Design Week 2016

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, May 2016.- Fuentealta will be the official water of the “Living Design Lab”, event which will take place on the 13-14 May in the TEA and that will serve as an advance of the content of the TDWeek 2016 in November.

The water brand from Vilaflor is once again showing its support towards Canarian culture and artists, action included in the Corporate Responsibility strategy of the Compañía de las Islas Occidentales (CIO), parent company of Fuentealta.

This open meeting aims to create synergies, incorporate proposals and collect feedback from the creative community before the TDWeek 2016, which this year will be focused on collaborative design and social innovation under the theme “Live Design”. In this regard, Saturday morning will offer different microtalks from professionals and experts from different perspectives.

“Living Design Lab” offers a reflexion on new models and procedures of collaborative design as “live laboratory of design”, from the four perspectives addressed at this years TDWeek. The event invites different communities and professionals of the design and architecture sectors as wells as others creative industries, to a process of teamwork which starts this presentation and whose results will be presented during the TDWeek 2016.

“Living Design Lab” counts with the support of different education institutions as collaborators of the project, where a selection of their students will participate: Universidad de la Laguna (ULL), Universidad Europea de Canarias (UEC) Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño Fernando Estévez (EASD).

Between May and November every work team will develop a project-challenge focused on each of the themes, in collaboration with the communities involved in the proposal. The projects are part of the concept “Living Design Lab” and are articulated in the four lines of action of the TDWeek 2016: SOCIAL DESIGN, COLLABORATIVE DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE, GRAPHICS IN ACTION AND OPEN DESIGN AND FABRICATION.


report cr 2015

Grupo CIO presents its Corporate Responsibility Report 2015

report cr 2015

Grupo CIO presents its latest Corporate Responsibility Report, which summarizes the activity of all the companies that make up the Group.This report reflects the commitment of the Company towards the community, the preservation of the environment and above all, to further promote awareness amongst our stakeholders, with the aim of creating synergies that will help Grupo CIO improve in the right direction.

Certamen MR Internacional y MIss Tenerife

Fuentealta will be the official water of the Mister International and Miss World Tenerife beauty pageants.

It will be celebrated next weekend in Puerto de la Cruz


Santa Cruz de Tenerife, February 2016.- Fuentealta, company owned by the Grupo CIO, in accordance with the partnership agreement with Agency Book, organizer of the event, will be, for a second consecutive year, the official water of the Mister International and Miss World Tenerife beauty pageants, where the two candidates will be chosen who will then go on to participate in the national pageants.

The event, which will take place in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife), during this coming weekend, will feature two special events: the first will be on Friday February 19 at 21:00h in the Plaza de Europa, where they will choose Mister International, and the second will be Saturday February 20 where the candidates to Miss World Tenerife will share the stage. In both events, Fuentealta will have one of its management directors as an acting judge on the panel.

Among the events programmed for the candidates of both pageants, we can highlight a visit this Thursday February 18 to the facilities of the bottling plant of Fuentealta, located in the town of Vilaflor, where the director of the plant will guide them through the process of bottling and distribution of the official water of the event, in a clear example of its commitment to health and beauty.


Fuentealta presents its calendar “FUENTEALTA TRANSMITE 2016”


The Canarian artist Oscar Lorenzo has designed twelve pieces on ink, one for each month of the year and with a unique message, following the lines of this artistic movement.

Fuentealta supports the art of lettering in its “FUENTEALTA TRANSMITE 2016” calendar

Santa Cruz de Tenreife, December 2015.- Fuentealta, company owned by the Grupo CIO, has chosen the artist Oscar Lorenzo, renowned Canarian illustrator, who defines himself as a student of the drawn letters motivated by his love towards them, the art of drawing and the freedom of creating, to design the new FUENTEALTA TRANSMITE 2016 calendar, under the innovative artistic movement, LETTERING.

The artist has illustrated with this technique each month of the pages of this special calendar under messages which refer to the use water at different times of the year, always following his artisanal methodology and with the patience involved in this art. Lettering is very prestigious in graphic design circles, and is considered a powerful tool that is used to give an artistic, expressive and aesthetic touch to simple phrases or words.

This limited edition calendar can be acquired by personalized mail, as a promotional gift or it can be downloaded from its Facebook page, turning it into a very unique product of which only 7000 units are printed.

With this action, Grupo CIO, owner of companies such as the Bahía del Duque or Grupo Record, has ratified its support towards the arts developed in the Canary Islands, trying to collaborate in the promotion of this new language and of its authours, and which despite its abstract nature, it is extremely evocative.


Fuentealta organized the 3rd edition of its Instragram contest together with the “Canarias Surf Film Festival”


FuentealtaSurf2015 has always been very well received amongst the fans of this sport and of photography.

Fuentealta organized the 3rd edition of its Instragram contest together with the “Canarias Surf Film Festival”

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, October 2015.- Fuentealta has successfully closed the third edition of its photography contest on Instagram, as a sponsor of the Canarias Surf Film Festival, created under the hashtag #FuentealtaSurf2015, where participants were encouraged to share their images of the ocean and water sports.

After individually evaluating all the images submitted, and verifying that each one of them fulfilled the contest requirements, it was unanimously decided that the winner of the of contest should be Brian González, born in the Canary Islands, and who, from a very early age, has combined his two passions, the ocean and photography. With a cash prize of 300€, he has worked for some of the big names of the industry, having been published numerous times in national and international magazines.

The jury, which was made up of surf professionals, valued criteria such as the quality of the image, its uniqueness and originality, as well as the use of filters and Instagram formats. Fuentealta thanks, once again, the success of this contest, whose aim is to showcase the artistic side of this great community, and to support the practice of water sports that are so relevant to the archipelago, and striving to be a brand who helps support the work of artists.


Fuentealta will present candidate to the Queen of Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife



The designer Jorge González will be the author of this new fantasy, and hopes to achieve the necessary sparkle to captivate the audience.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, October 2015.- Fuentealta, company owned by the Grupo CIO, will participate for a second consecutive year in the Gala of the Election of the Queen of Carnival of Santa Cruz of Tenerife, which will take place on February 3rd, 2016. Following the success of last year’s edition, where the candidate and the design that Fuentealta presented, took first place, for Fuentealta “it is once again a great honour to have the opportunity to collaborate in a project so deeply rooted in our culture and that has so much projection and impact. Carnival is one of the most representative festivals of the island and the Gala of the Queen of Carnival is one of the most iconic and international events” states José María Cortés, Sales Director of Fuentealta.

This year Fuentealta will be represented by the 19 year old candidate Manuela Hernández León, a native of the town of La Victoria de Acentejo, who has modelled for important regional brands such as Sedomir Rodríguez de la Sierra, Juan Carlos Armas, Diseños Amarca and others affiliated with the Tenerife fashion industry. Furthermore she was a finalist in the Miss Tenerife 2013 beauty pageant, receiving the mention of Top Model. She will be responsible of showcasing a fantasy by the 25 year old Tenerife designer Jorge González Santana.

Jorge González, who already has an active relationship with the brand and who contributed in numerous events throughout 2015 with his winning fantasy, began his relationship with Carnival in 2012, participating in numerous occasions in the children and adult modalities. However, it was in 2015 when he reached the awards as the designer of the Children’s first runner up and the First Prize of the Queen of Carnival of Santa Cruz of Tenerife, where he participated in representation of Fuentealta.

At this moment little can be revealed, we will have to wait until February 3 to see Fuentealta’s fantasy and the rest of the candidates, as well as the big winner of the evening. Until then, we can reveal the enthusiasm and commitment that this young designer includes in all of his creations, as revealed by his words “the results obtained in last years edition have given us great strength to continue imagining, creating and working hard for our Carnival, and it has been a great honour to be able to count once again with Fuentealta in this years Gala of the Queen of Carnival”.



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