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History of the Company

Aguas de Vilaflor S.A. (AVISA) began its activity in 1975 as a water packaging plant. Its extraordinary location, as well as the quality of the Fuentealta spring, which gives name to the brand, has positioned it among the leading companies of The Canary Islands. Our objective is to promote healthy lifestyle habits, through proper nutrition and the practice of sports, with special attention placed on the younger generations, and always committed with the Canarian society, values and culture.


The Spring

Fuentealta’s spring is born in Vilaflor, at an altitude of 1.500m, inside the Corona Forestal Nature Park, a natural area protected and recognized by UNESCO as a Natural World Heritage Site. Fuentealta’s water originates from the snow and the rain fallen on the peaks of Mount Teide, the highest in Spain, which nature filters, drop by drop, over the course of 30 years. This process offers the water of Fuentealta a unique purity.



Fuentealta water is classified as a low mineralized water (light water).

Its balanced variety of minerals are necessary for our health:
Sodium and Potassium: regulate physiological processes.
Calcium and Fluoride: have a positive effect on bone and dental systems.
Magnesium: helps to cope with stress.
Silica: has a purifying action.

Analytical Composition
Parameters Results mg/L
Bicarbonate: 290
Chloride: 5
Nitrate: 11
Fluoride: 0,6
Calcium: 29
Magnesium: 14
Sodium: 55
Potassium: 10
Dry residue at 180ºC: 366
Report of CNTA (National Centre for Technology and Food Safety) June 2016


Fuentealta offers a guarantee in safety and quality. Over the last few years, AVISA has carried out important investments in technology and industrial development, positioning itself alongside the most demanding water packaging plants. Daily in-depth microbiological and physicochemical quality controls are performed at Fuentealta’s packaging plant, in accordance to the system of hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP), in order to maintain the safety of our products as well as the quality parameters set.

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