Dear Friends, these moments give us the chance to show that TOGETHER we can change the current situation.

In Fuentealta we keep on working to deliver our water to your homes. More than ever, we now deeply understand and feel the meaning and value of the word FAMILY. It is therefore our priority to take care of our people and to offer maximum guarantees regarding the safety measures recommended by the health authorities.

Let us show that we can achieve it TOGETHER!

#StayHome #HazQueFluya

100% made in the CaNaRiEs Fuentealta water comes from the snow and rain falling on the Teide and filters naturally for 30 years before arriving to our underground spring located in Vilaflor. Pure and light, our water is as natural as our island, Tenerife.

At Fuentealta we’re aware of the importance of taking care of what we love and making it better . That’s why we want to invite you to join us in this movement of CHANGE that we’ve started. EVERYONE together, doing just a little bit, can achieve so much.

Do you want to come with us?