Where we come from

Since 1975 we’ve been committed to every drop to give life to the Canarians. Our privileged location in ViLaFLoR and within the protected area of the coronal forest of the Teide National Park, gives us the purity, transparency and quality that characterises us. The slow refined filtering for more than thirty years makes Fuentealta a unique water.

We perfectly understand the meaning of the word FAMILY , and its value: it’s our reason for living. Fuentealta is the result of the EntRepRenEurial sPiriT of Luis Zamorano Tais, founder of the present Grupo CIO, a family-run holding company with a history of more than 100 years.

Following in the innovative footsteps of our company we have managed to become a part of every Canarian home with every passing generation.

What we believe in

The world isn´t at its greatest moment right now, and it needs us: you, us everybody. t Fuentealta we are aware of this reality, we know that there is a need for a general wake up call, of the importance of taking care of each other.

Our people, our forests, our beaches, our “friendly nature”. We want everything we love to last forever, and we know everything could be better and that depends on what we do. For this reason, for this very reason, we have decided to do something about it.

You want to join us?


Where we’re headed

Our surroundings inspire us and that’s why we’ve realised that it’s time for a change.

At Fuentealta we’ve decided to contribute so that we can live in a better world, because TOGETHER it’s possible, and we can make it happen with small gestures that little by little will become something huge. This doesn´t mean leaving everything behind and moving to the Amazons to fight deforestation or filling our kitchens with a thousand recycling bins. It’s something much simpler and within everyone’s reach.

How do you feel about practicing reincarnation and giving another life to everyday objects, or parking right up to the line to leave enough space for the next driver who’s looking for a space after you? And Tada! You see? It’s that easy!

If you, like us, care about the community’s wellbeing and taking care of the environment, then why not join us and create a CollEcTiVe CoNsciouSnesS movement?

Now, more than ever, this is everyone’s call of duty, so in whatever way possible and being realistic, Let’S Do iT toGetHer! We’ll probably make some mistakes, but we’ll learn from them to make sure it all flows.


Fuentealta is pure and natural. It arises from the snow and rain falling on the peaks of the Teide National Park and our spring source is right at the foot of the volcano’s slopes at an altitude of 1500m, in the municipality of Vilaflor. Nature does the work, filtering the water drop by drop.

We’re proud to be from the CaNarieS and it excites us to be part of the CanAriaN cuLturRe. We may not be perfect, but we love learning.

Optimistic by nature, we know that it’s in our hands and yours to hit the play button and start this new, inspiring story filled with attitude and commitment. Get your feet wet!

We’re a light water and so we have a balanced combination of minerals.

Discover my composition:

Parameter Results mh/L

Bicarbonate: 288 Magnesium: 14
Chloride: 5 Sodium: 52
Nitrate: 11 Potassium: 10
Fluorides: 0,6 Dry residue at 180ºC: 362
Calcium: 28