We eliminated 118 thousand kilos of plastic

We eliminated 118 thousand kilos of plastic

They say that you can’t toast with water, so we will have to do something to celebrate this news. A little victory dance? Sounds good. We have already patented a few:

The fact is that it isn’t everyday that we get to say that we are going to generate 118 tons less plastic. It has taken more than two years of lots of work to achieve it. From now on, we will use 25% of a material called R-PET, which is basically the plastic that you have deposited in the yellow container.

In other words: we wouldn’t have achieved it without you.

That is why we also want you to do a dance. A dab. Or a swish-swish. If you are reading this in class or in the office, do it covertly. But do it. Not because we have won the war. No. We know that this is the first battle. But we have won it. We know that there is a long road ahead of us. And this family is not going to sit back and cross its arms. We will continue to fight with all the enthusiasm in the world in order to reduce the quantity of plastic we use.

At the moment we are using recycled PET in our 50 and 33cl packaging, which are the most consumed sizes. Gradually, we will incorporate it into our entire range of products.

And this is our first big step forward. We invite you to visit our website again soon. We have the strange feeling that we will be back with more good news. New dances. New milestones to celebrate. We are very happy that you remain a part of our story.