3 ways to contribute to your surroundings without spending a euro

We’re serious. To change the world, you don’t need to donate a million euros to an NGO. You don’t have to volunteer in Africa for a year either. No.

There are so many things you can do without a lot of effort and without spending a single cent to make other people’s lives better. #HazQueFluya is up and running, it’s not so difficult. We’re going to give you three ideas to think about.

1. Help someone who needs it. It’s that easy. If you see someone who needs help, don’t look the other way. They’re simple situations that we run into every day, like that woman having problems getting her baby carriage down the stairs or that elderly man struggling with his grocery bags. Or when we see some lost foreigner in Candelaria Square. This advice also applies to any kind of emergency (accidents, abuse…). Don’t just shirk off the responsibility, if we all did that the world would go down the toilet.

2. ¡Volunteers needed! Like we said above, it isn’t necessary to collaborate in a third world country for a year. There are so many causes and people who need help around us. The best thing is that you can help someone you love dedicating however much time you want. Take a look at the webpage Tenerife Solidario and look for a cause that you’d like to support. In Spain we spend on average 18 hours a week looking at our mobiles. if you dedicated just one hour a week helping others, just think about how many people you could make happy…

3.Look toward the future and at the present too. There are small gestures related to the environment that can bring about great changes in the world: using the car only when necessary (or carpooling when going to work or class), buying energy efficient light bulbs, rationing the water you use like taking a quick shower or turning off the water as you soap up, separating the rubbish as much as you can, not leaving your laptop or other electronics plugged in all day, not using the dryer when you can hang the clothes to dry, turning off the tap while you brush your teeth, using reusable bags to go shopping, printing as little as possible and using both sides of the page, turning off the lights when you leave a room…These tips aren’t only free, they can help you save money!