3 easy tips to reincarnate a bottle

¡Hi! Yeah, yeah I´m talking to you! You’ve most probably been in the situation where you’ve wanted to reuse those plastic bottles you bought at the supermarket. With this article we want to reactivate your creativity and give you three ideas to practice reincarnation. Ready?

1- Flower pots.
How many times have you wanted to decorate your flat and add a bit more colour and joy? This is a solution that we just love and it’s so easy to do. You can grow a nice, little plant or some small varieties of veggies.

You just have to make a cross-wise cut through a 1.5 litre bottle and decorate it however you like. We’re not saying that it has to look like a Kitty or anything.

2- Mobile charger support.
No, we haven’t gone crazy. The days of leaving the mobile charging on the living room floor are over.

This solution’s perfect for oval shaped containers, like for gels or shampoos. Cut through the bottle making one side of the hole larger than the other. Next, you just have to make a circular cut where the charger can easily fit…There are endless decoration possibilities!

3- Water sprinkler.
Just when you thought we’d regained our sanity…

Yes, with a hose and a plastic bottle you can make a sprinkler. The only thing you have to do is poke the bottle with a sharp object. We recommend not making the holes too big and making them all around the bottle. Get a little electrician’s tape to attach the hose to the mouth of the bottle, turn on the water and…Voila!!!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this. For us, we’re committed to giving you ideas to reincarnate those bottles from time to time. Share these and others using the hashtag #HazQueFluya.