7 reasons to encourage you to buy local products

Wine, from la Rioja; Iberian ham, from Extremadura; watches, from Switzerland; TVs, Japanese; mobiles, American. You can buy things from anywhere in the world! It’s true, it’s great, we’re not trying to convince you otherwise. We just want you to look at locally made products. They aren’t only excellent quality, they also have so many benefits for the community and the environment. Ready? You should know that when you buy locally:

1.You help Canarian businesses to better their conditions, support the local economy and sustainable development, since those resources contribute to generating more wealth and employment in our community. That means you’d be helping your friends and family find jobs more easily.

2.You reduce the steps to the final purchase. How many times have you found yourself carefully reading the labels at the supermarket? Much more than before! It’s normal: We’re becoming more and more interested in what we eat, where the products come from, what ingredients they have, and the effects they can have on our health. If you buy locally, you can sit down to eat knowing where the products come from that you’re eating and plus, they taste a lot better!

3.A small part of the profits goes to innovation, which in turn contributes to Canarian businesses being able to offer better services, adapting our industry to new times.

4.You reduce the distance and therefore emissions as well. Food and products that we import travel a long way by boat, train, lorry and plane. Easy to figure out! Less distance helps limit CO2 emissions, without even thinking about all the containers or wrapping when the product has to travel long distances.

5.The collection of taxes will be invested here and an important part of that will be reflected in important services like health, education, culture and infrastructures.

6.You eat healthier, fresher products. When food is collected right before buying it, you’re buying fresh products that retain all their nutrients.

7.You contribute to conserving our lands and our scenery thanks to the recuperation of cultivation areas and maintenance of the local biodiversity. This way you’re contributing to local, organic agriculture, promoting the conservation of and respect for native varieties.